BnWIf you ask Chris Lea to describe himself, he’s likely to say, “I’m just a regular guy that wants to do some extraordinary things.”

Typical Chris Lea. But looking at this young man’s life as a whole, anyone can see that he’s not just a “regular guy”. He is a Traffic Anchor at WXII 12 News, On-Air Personality at 102 Jamz and an Independent Pro Wrestler, none of which is “regular”. But he doesn’t like to be defined by his occupation(s) because he sees his life as so much more.

“With everything that I do, I want to inspire and motivate other people that they can follow and live their dreams as well,” says Chris. “We all should live everyday for personal happiness and use our mental toughness to push through until the end. I want to be an example for the people that don’t think they can do it.”

Born and residing in Greensboro, NC, Chris Lea grew up always imagining himself delivering news on television, speaking to audiences on the radio and wrestling in front of rowdy wrestling crowds. These aren’t only his dreams, these are currently his realities.

Since entering into college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the fall of 2004, Chris made it his mission to get his hands into as many things as possible. From writing for the Greensboro News and Record, to local record promotions, to nightclub promotions and event planning, Chris has always found it important to have diverse experiences and skill sets.

Now Chris wants to use his public profile to help others to gain the personal happiness he’s achieved by doing the things he loves. This website not only will highlight Chris’ achievements, but it will primarily be used as a tool for Chris to motivate and inspire individuals to live their dreams.