The Dream Series!

Welcome to the “Shower Time Podcast with Chris Lea.”  Every Monday through Friday a new 10 minute episode will premiere to get your day started off the right way…with motivation!  Every Saturday a special episode called “The Dream Series” will premiere.  Every Dream Series episode will feature an interview with someone that is making a living off of their dream, so you can listen to their inspiring journey, emulate their success and avoid their failures!

This episode is a role reversal and I’m the interviewee! Hear stories about my journey that you have never heard!  A Huge thank you to my co-host today, Morgan McKenzie!  She took over on this episode and asked me all the hard questions and I had to answer.  She is my intern at 102 Jamz and is an up and coming radio personality and this was her first long-form interview.  I think she definitely did a great job!  I hope you all enjoy!

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