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Welcome to the “Shower Time Podcast with Chris Lea.”  Every Monday through Friday a new 10 minute episode will premiere to get your day started off the right way…with motivation!  Every Saturday a special episode called “The Dream Series” will premiere.  Every Dream Series episode will feature an interview with someone that is making a living off of their dream, so you can listen to their inspiring journey, emulate their success and avoid their failures!

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Deb Mills-Scofield‘s consultancy helps companies create and implement actionable, adaptable, measurable, and profitable innovation-based strategic plans. Deb has been doing this successfully for 25+ years with service, manufacturing, and high-technology companies from large global companies to early-stage. She has also done some carve-outs, start-ups and start-downs.  Deb asks her clients to match 10% of her fee to improve lives in their community.  As a Partner at Glengary LLC, an early-stage Venture Capital firm in Cleveland, Deb asks her clients to mentor an entrepreneur.

Deb is a co-creator of Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder, a contributor to Steve Denning’s book, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management, Barbara Kimmell’s Trust Inc.: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset, and several other books.  She regularly blogs on various sites in addition to her own, including Harvard Business Review, Switch and Shift, Innovation Excellence, etc. and is recognized as one of the top 40 bloggers and tweeters on innovation. Deb is also a board member at the Business Innovation Factory and was a storyteller at BIF-9.

Deb graduated from Brown University in three years, helping create the Cognitive Science concentration, one of the first undergraduate programs of its kind. Deb went to AT&T Bell Labs, designed and patented an integrated multimedia-messaging platform recognized as one of AT&T/Lucent’s top revenue generating patents. She was instrumental in spearheading AT&T’s strategies and execution into the Internet and E-commerce markets, AT&T WorldNet® Services.

Deb mentors entrepreneurs in NE Ohio and at Brown in the Entrepreneurship Program, Brown’s Women’s Launch Pad Program, Social Innovation Fellowship and Brown Students’ startups. She is a Visiting Scholar in Brown’s joint E-MBA with IE in Spain and on the Advisory Counsel for Brown’s School of Engineering, involved with many engineering student groups.  Deb is also on the board of RISD’s DESINE-Lab.  She teaches Business Model Innovation at Oberlin College and mentors students in Oberlin’s LaunchU and Fellowships.  She also has taught at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business, CWRU’s Weatherhead School of Management and Vanderbilt University, and is an Advisory Board Member at CWRU’s think

.Deb lives in Oberlin, Ohio with her husband, a Physics professor at Oberlin College and their two fabulous children.  You can also find her on the coast of Maine keeping track of the tides.   

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